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Adopt A Horse Or Burro

You Can Adopt a BLM Wild Horse or Burro in Arizona Year Round

Wild horses and burros are offered for adoption/purchase by appointment only at the Florence Wild Horse and Burro Training and Holding Facility. The minimum adoption fee is $25 for an untrained animal.

Adoption Fee ScheduleTraining FeeAdoption FeeTotal Fee
Untrained BLM animaln/a$25$25
Trained burro$375$25$400
Saddle-trained horse$875$25$900

The $25 adoption fee is payable to "BLM." All training fees are separately payable to "Arizona Correctional Industries."

You must be a pre-approved adopter in order to make an appointment. Please schedule your appointment in advance to allow staff time to prepare.

Mailing address:
BLM Arizona State Office
One North Central Ave., Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ 85004

To request an adoption application or directions to the facility, call the BLM office at 602-417-9200 or download an Adoption Application. Individuals interested in adopting/purchasing a wild horse or burro may obtain information from the Bureau of Land Management.

All animals adopted/sold must be picked up in an approved trailer (see below). Adopters/purchasers are to provide transportation, halter, and lead rope for each animal adopted. Visit the BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Schedule for dates and locations nationwide.

For application, adoption procedures or more information call our toll-free number 1-866-4MUSTANGS (866-468-7826), in Phoenix (623) 580-5500, or visit the National website.


National Wild Horse and Burro (WH&B) Program Adoption requirements:

  • Adopters/purchasers must be 18 years or older. Parents can adopt/purchase for children
  • Have no prior violations of adoption regulations or convictions of inhumane treatment to animals.
  • Will have no more than 4 untitled animals in the same location unless an additional screening form and employment statement are completed.
  • Adopters/purchasers must be present to select their animal unless arrangements have been made with the BLM or the animal is adopted/purchased through the online corral.


  • Corral fence: 6 feet high for untrained, adult horses, 4 1/2 feet for burros; 5 feet high for trained horses and horses less than 18 months of age.
  • Fencing material should be rounded pipes, poles, or wooden planks. Small mesh woven wire (2" X 4" or smaller) fencing with a board along the top and in the middle is acceptable.
  • Minimum size for an animal is 400 square feet (i.e., 20' X 20'). Shelter must be a minimum of two-sided with a roof.
  • No barbed or electric wire is allowed in the corrals.


  • Covered stock trailers.
  • Four-horse trailers completely enclosed.
  • No two-horse trailers are approved for horses unless prior approval has been obtained
  • Two horse trailers are approved for burros
  • No drop tailgates on trailers.
  • Halters of nylon webbing are best, and lead ropes at least 1" in diameter are recommended (these must be provided by the adopter).


  • Untitled animals may not be sold or transferred without approval by the BLM.
  • Adopters may apply for a title after one year
  • Animals cannot be neglected, abandoned, inhumanely treated, used as bucking stock, or for other commercial purposes.
  • The nearest BLM office must be notified, within 7 days for the following situations:
    • If an animal dies. A veterinarian's statement must follow.
    • If an animal is moved to a new location for more than 30 days.
  • The adopter is responsible for all expenses; there are no refunds or reimbursements.

Health Care:

  • Adopters will receive a copy of current Coggins test (for Equine Infectious Anemia) and a health certificate with a record of vaccinations and worming.


  • Payment may be cash, money order, cashier's check, personal check, or credit card.

See also: National WH&B Home National WH&B Adoption Schedule National WH&B Adoptions and Sales