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Arizona State Senate

Arizona State Seal
Refurbishing the Senate Gallery

Challenge: The theater-style seats in the gallery behind the senate chamber needed to be reupholstered. They also needed to be unbolted from the tiered floor, sand-blasted, refinished and, where necessary, have springs and padding replaced. State Senate Sergeant-At-Arms, Joe Kubaki, did not want to act as a general contractor to all of the various providers needed to do all of these different services, including transporting the huge rows of attached seats from the capitol. There are very few (if any) general contractors who would want to tackle this type of project, with a tight schedule and working with a wide variety of subcontractors.

Solution: Under the supervision of the ACI Account Manager, the installation crew began the project once the legislative session ended in July. ACI’s semi-tractor trailers moved the seats from Phoenix to its industrial yard in Florence. Once there, the metal seating structures were carefully disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted, and then powder coated to make them look like new. Next, they went to the upholstery shop, where the new fabric was affixed to the backs and seats, being careful not to scratch or chip the new finish.

The project stayed on schedule and the seats were back in place in the Senate Chamber gallery well before the 2020 legislative session began.