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Casa Grande School District

Casa Grande Elementary Schools

Challenge: As administrators and parents developed procedures to safely reopen district schools for in-person instruction during the COVID-19 crisis, Lisa Costales, the purchasing manager, got an e-mail from her ACI account manager detailing new safety products being developed. She went ahead and ordered a supply of the new, washable, cloth face masks and asked for more information about the Personal Protection Privacy Screens. She thought they might be a good way to the created separation between students.

Solution: The ACI Shop Manager took samples of a couple of the screens his team had designed to Lisa and other school administrators. Together they tried them in classrooms and made some suggestions on how the screens might be modified to better suit their needs.

After the design changes were implemented, 184 bioshield personal screens in three different sizes (30”x24”, 60”x18”, 30”x24”) were delivered to the school and tried out as limited-in-person classes resumed. School administrators agreed that the screens were helping them achieve the safety they desired and placed an order for 660 more of them for delivery as they increased in-person classes in the coming months.

The revised design for the bioshield personal screen became the standard design for this new ACI product.