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Great Western Bank

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Great Western Bank Milling Solutions - Teller

Challenge: As an established bank striving to create an impactful presence as it expanded into the Arizona market, the regional vice president needed a dependable manufacturing partner to furnish a series of branch offices. They planned to create their offices in existing commercial buildings with minimal structural changes. The break and storage room cabinetry, office and conference room furnishings and reception counter would need to fit into the existing spaces. All of these pieces needed to match, looking like they were all of one piece.

Solution: Working with their ACI account manager and the ACI Millworks management, designs and finishes for the various pieces were decided, estimates were accepted, and a production schedule was created. The bank management then began planning to open the branch near the projected completion date for the project, hiring staff and advertising the grand opening for the new branch.

The wood shop built and installed all of the ordered pieces a week before the opening (as carpeting was being installed and signage affixed). The regional manager was so happy with the work of ACI’s talented craftsmen that as they began planning the next new branch, they called on them to provide all the cabinetry and furnishings. To date, ACI has worked with Great Western Bank on three new branches and will hopefully continue to be a reliable partner on their future projects.