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Safety Services, Tempe, AZ


Challenge: Safety Services Company has grown into one of INC Magazine’s Top Companies for the sixth year in a row. “I knew that we could quickly become a major player in the untapped safety training and compliance market, if we could just reach businesses desperate for our services,” explained Devon Dickinson, founder and current board member.

“We looked at India, the Philippines and elsewhere, but the costs to start up a call center operation were prohibitive,” he continued. “I was familiar with the correctional industry in Ohio, so I looked to see if Arizona had a similar program we might work with to launch our business. I discovered ACI and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Solution: Starting with a small inmate work team in the Cheyenne Unit at ASPC Yuma complex, “the results, as predicted, were outstanding,” said Brian Goheen, Safety Services Vice President of Operations. “We quickly went to eight stations, then 12, and before we knew it we’d maxed out the capacity of the unit and expanded out into a larger space within the prison.”

“The inmates are consistently among our top performers. They are learning real-world jobs skills as they place B2B selling and customer service calls in modern call centers.”
-Brian Goheen, Safety Services Vice President of Operations

This successful partnership currently employees 30 inmates. There are currently 25 ex-offenders working at Safety Services.