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Trapp Technology, Phoenix, AZ


Challenge: David Trapp’s successful technology company was struggling to find new business customers for his security software. He knew of Televerde’s business model and was wondering if he too could create a B2B lead generation call center within a prison.

Solution: With no space available inside the nearest prison to Phoenix (Perryville, where Televerde’s call centers are located) the Labor partnership team suggested that such an operation could be created at the ASP Kingman complex.

This successful partnership began in 2017 and currently employees 12 inmates each day (on average) . There is currently 1 ex-offender working at Trapp Technology.

“I can’t say enough good things about the people we work with day in and day out. They really are hungry to learn new skills. These guys work hard; they’re talented. I tell you, just from the results of our program with ACI, we get ten times the results over what we had with our inside sales team. We view this program like a minor league system, where new staff is trained inside the prison system and when they get out we want to hire them and put them into direct sales roles…”
– Jay Bouche , Director of Marketing, Trapp Technology