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ACI Central Office Welcomes New Staff Members

Labor Contracts, Sales and HR Staff Joins the Team

Feeling welcome in the first few days of a new job is significant to a new employee’s success. So please stop by or give these new members of the ACI team a call and introduce yourself.

Labor Contracts has added a new member to our team. Please welcome Kara Rocc, she comes to us from the Department of Child Safety – Foster Care Review Board of the Supreme Court.

Kara will allow our team to have a road map of succession planning to fill in for Corinne when she is out and assist with her duties. Kara will also be working with Arrin’s team to enter Labor Contract inmate payroll.

David Hymes
David Hymes

David Hymes joined the Human Resources Team on October 7, 2019. He came to ACI after working with the Arizona Department of Correction since 2016; the last two years as a Personnel Analyst specializing in the recruitment and pre-employment staffing of all positions within the Department. 

David earned his Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcemment Administration from Metropolitan State University. He lives in Phoenix, AZ and has more than 500 LinkedIn connections.