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Women inmates rehabilitate working for local marketing firm

Recidivism is 91% lower among women who go through the program compared to the national rate

By: Piper Hansen Arizona Capitol Times February 21, 2020

Capital Times

Valerie Ochoa wakes up most days of the week excited for her work day. She commutes to her office, typically by a shuttle bus, where she’s greeted by lines of desks, monitors and cubicles where managers peek over the dividers as they coach her eager peers.

Once she gets to her office, Ochoa checks her email, looks at her calendar and meets with the sales and development team that she leads about the tasks of the day, all with a smile.

“It’s the same as if you walk into any other business office in America,” Ochoa said.

The only difference between her and the typical focused, stern female marketing executive adorned in a pantsuit most people imagine is that Ochoa wears orange scrubs and attends conference calls from inside Perryville prison complex in Goodyear.