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ACI: Milling Solutions
Not all millwork is built alike. Although two products might look good on the outside, the real sign of quality is what’s found inside. Some manufacturers choose materials to bolster their bottom line, ACI selects materials based on what provides the customer the best product for their money.

By regularly communicating with suppliers to review options for given applications, ACI consistently provides the most durable cabinetry.
ACI intentionally builds above industry quality standards, ensuring it will withstand years of constant use. …more


ACI pricing is competitive even when compared to big retailers. Sales representatives and design engineers work closely with customers to carefully illustrate each installation. The woodshop then works closely with its material providers to select the best raw materials for the customer’s job.

Full Service

ACI offers curb-side delivery anywhere in Arizona. We also provide installation for an additional fee.
Lastly, ACI warranties all of its products against all defects or damage incurred during transportation or installation.
The precision and consistency necessary to reliably produce quality cabinetry depends on having the right equipment for the job. ACI Millworks has what it takes.

ACI Operations

  • 2,000 sq. ft. of shops and work space
  • 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse
  • Design team working with many CAD-type programs, including:
    • SolidWorks®
    • KCD cabinet and furniture software
    • AlphaCam a full-featured, easy-to-use CAM solution for manufacturers wanting fast, efficient toolpaths and the generation of reliable, machine ready CNC code
    • Aspire drawing and production routing tools
  • Installation teams
  • 70 shop employees (capability to increase if needed)
  • Full fleet of deliver trucks, including flatbeds and box trailers with lifts
  • Management with a combined 60 years in the industry

Case Study

Great Western Bank
Organization: Great Western Bank
Challenge: As an established bank striving to create a impactful presence as it expanded into the Arizona market, the regional vice president needed a dependable manufacturing partner to furnish a series of branch offices. They planned to create their offices in existing commercial buildings with minimal structural changes. The break and storage room cabinetry, office and conference room furnishings and reception counter would need to fit into the existing spaces. All of these pieces also needed to match, looking like they were all of one piece.
Great Western Bank teller station
Solution: Working with their ACI account manager and the wood shop management, designs and finishes for the various pieces were decided, estimates were accepted and a production schedule was created. The bank management then began planning to open the branch near the projected completion date for the project, hiring staff and advertising the grand opening for the new branch.
The wood shop built and installed all of the ordered pieces the week before the opening as carpeting was installed and signage affixed. The regional manager was so happy with the work of ACI’s talented craftsmen that as they began planning the next new branch, they called on them to provide all the cabinetry and furnishings. To date, ACI has worked with Great Western Bank on three new branches and will hopefully continue to be a reliable partner on their future projects.
Arizona Board of Executive Clemency

Case Study

Organization: Arizona Board of Executive Clemency
Challenge: With its move to a new building in 2013 the Executive Director and staff saw an opportunity to upgrade the Clemency Board’s hearing room. The space for it was an empty, rectangular room with two doors. Familiar with ACI they asked if the designers in the wood shop could create an affordable, yet visually impactful hearing room to reflect the important work it does to protect public safety and contribute to a fair and effective justice system.
Arizona Board of Executive Clemency hearing room
Solution: Working with their ACI account manager and the wood shop management the space was carefully measured and requirements for the new hearing room were gathered. Aesthetically they said they were looking for “something like the courtroom on the old Perry Mason show.”
Several design ideas were presented and they selected the one that most closely matched what they had envisioned. Stain colors, finishes and trims were finalized and the raised desk, podium, tables and dividing wall separating the hearing area from the small gallery were created in the wood shop in Florence and installed in the impressive new hearing room.


  • SCM Pratix 5’ x 12’ CNC
  • 4’x 8’ CNC
  • SCM K560 Edge Bander (PVC 1mm to 3mm up to 2” wide wood up to ¼” thick)
  • Panel Saw 5” x 12’ Capability
  • Boring machine (23 spindle in line boring)
  • Lamination Pinch Roller
  • Fork Lifts
  • 10” table saws (3)
  • 16” radial arm saw
  • 12” miter saws (5)
  • Joiners (2 -12”)
  • Planners (2-24”)
  • Band saws (20” and 24”)
  • Dual drum sander (36”)
  • Table sander
  • Numerous Hand Tools

Standard Products