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Jose Ruiz Named ACI FY 2015, Employee of the Fourth Quarter

Jose Ruiz, CIPS specialist with Phoenix-based installation team

His leadership proved critical in move to new building

I am pleased to announce that Jose Ruiz, CIPS specialist with our Phoenix based installation team has been named ACI FY 2015, Employee of the Fourth Quarter.

Moving Stories of Positive Change

"The ACI program changed my life"

Billy Hickman
Billy Hickman and others involved in the program narrate a moving video about the history of the inmate prog

Innovation: A Three-Dimensional Approach

ACI Balances Labor and Labor-Saving Technologies

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of NCIA News. For more information on NCIA News, please go to National Correctional Industry Association.

In most industries, state-of-the-art manufacturing means increased automation and decreased work force. But for CIs, whose mission is to work more inmates, we need to take a different approach. We need to:

Benjamin Hernandez Earns ACI Employee of the Quarter Honors

"Take-Charge" IPS* helps keep the Florence industrial yard running smoothly

I am pleased to announce that Florence IPS, Benjamin Hernandez has been named the ACI employee of the third quarter. Benny is one of the take charge Florence IPS especially when you need answers or when you need to have a task done quickly and correctly.